Second Union

Second Union

New Comic Book Day! (9/21/16)

Trinity #1Trinity #1 – DC’s recent success with the “rebirth” initiative continues in this new series featuring Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. We have all grown to love this trio, as they represent some of the most iconic superheroes in comic book history. Now we will get to see this group of heroes band together and face challenges that will test the limits of their relationship. We are expecting to see some new villains, as well as, the classic heavy hitters that we have come to cherish. Traverse Gotham, Metropolis, and beyond with your favorite heroes in this new DC rebirth series!






Aliens #1Aliens #1 – This gripping new horror series from Dark Horse is an expansion into the Aliens universe. The scifi horror film Aliens will go down in history as one of the most beloved movies of all time and its prestige is part of the reason we will continue to buy up whatever related content we can get our hands on. Watch colonial marines try to survive a nightmare-ish environment while being picked apart by Aliens in this new series!







Seven to EternitySeven to Eternity #1- Enter the new fantasy world of Zhal where the evil God of Whispers holds dominion. This epic adventure is filled with magic, knights, Gods, and plenty of action. Aside from the story, the art for this book is filled with vivid detail and lush color; in other words, it looks outstanding. Pick up this new series if you are looking to dive into a fresh new fantasy world!







Kingsway West #2Kingsway West #2 – Fans of the western and fantasy genres will love this new series! It begins by following a Chinese outlaw looking for his wife in a racially divided western world. It is clear that this world is home to strange and mysterious creatures, magic, twisted science, dangerous enemies and so much more. This story will have you instantly hooked so don’t fall behind! Pick up Kingsway West #2 today!







I hate fairyland #9I Hate Fairyland #9 – Written and illustrated by the genius Skottie Young, this series is adventure like no other. Young takes elements from commonly known fairytales and fantasy stories and churns them out into this dark violent comedic story that expands, and kind of disturbs, the imagination. This is a hilarious series that any adult reader will enjoy. In this issue the protagonist – Gert, travels into her companion’s magic hat to most likely cause some mischief and certainly kill some stuff. Don’t miss it!

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