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‘The Sims 4: Vampires’ Streamed Today

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The Sims 4: Vampires release is only a few days away! Four Sim Gurus were streaming on Twitch today to show off a small part of the upcoming game pack. The gurus covered creating a vampire in Create-A-Sim, took a quick tour of Forgotten Hollow, played with the new organ instrument and coffin bed,  took a quick look at the unlockable powers, and more! Thanks to all of the new makeups and other facial options, this is probably the first time that Sims fans can finally make some Nosferatu-style vampires without having to download custom content. Of coruse, fans of Interview with the VampireBuffy the Vampire Slayer, or Twilight will surely find new options to make the vamp of their dreams or nightmares. Watch the special Sims stream below for a sneak peek into this spectacular game pack coming your way January 24, 2017!

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