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Is Google’s Android OS Running Too Far Behind?

Android phones running Google’s Android operating system will finally be able to access Nintendo’s Super Mario Run game on March 23. The game has been out on Apple’s iOS since December 15, 2016, which means that Android users were once again left waiting. Players of the iOS version have already moved on to bigger and better mobile games. Meanwhile, there has been such a delay in the game’s release that some Android users may have forgotten about Super Mario Run altogether.

Many Android users are used to playing this waiting game. Games such as Fallout ShelterClash of Clans, and even Candy Crush Saga were all released on iOS one to two months before they made it to Android phones. They also had to wait several months before receiving popular social media apps such as Instagram and Snapchat. Android users also have to wait longer than iPhone users to receive important operating system updates. In fact, only a small percentage of Android phones are actually running Android’s latest Nougat update. iPhone’s iOS 10, on the other hand, has been installed on roughly 76% of active devices, according to Apple. Unsurprisingly, these waiting times are causing some Android device owners to jump ship to Apple as users become more and more frustrated.

Despite its shortcomings, the Android operating system is still an impressive OS. Users can get incredibly creative with its customization options and each mobile brand is able to add their own personal touch to the phones they sell. Additionally, there are numerous phones to choose from at price points that match just about everyone’s budget. However, it seems as though the cons of owning an Android device are slowly beginning to outweigh the pros. Google even has some great apps available for iOS so that those who do make the switch can continue using Google Maps, Google Inbox, and even the new Allo messenger app. Therefore, Google is really going to need to push mobile carriers and phone makers to release updates in a more timely manner if they are going to continue to keep Android fans loyal.

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