Second Union

Second Union

Art of Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Signed by the Artists

For “Guardians” fans, it’s not too late to pre-order Art of GotG Vol2, signed by Andy Park and members of the VisDev team at Marvel. Featuring concept illustration, environments, production stills and more, it’s available from Stuart Ng books and will start shipping sometime in June. You can view several pages from the book as well as order your copy here. There are also hardcover comics (War of Kings and Legacy) available in New Arrivals and if you’re feeling the need to flesh out your collection, and especially willing to part with your cash, you can still acquire the first Art of Guardians of the Galaxy (may be available in limited quantities). If you’re not acquainted with Stuart Ng, they’re located in Torrance, California and specialize in pop culture art and illustration publications. They also carry an array of obscure and hard-to-find sketchbooks and comics that may have only previously been available at comic conventions, as well as vinyls, collectibles, rare magazines, and imports from Asia and Europe.

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