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Second Union

New Adventures in Comic Reading


I started reading digital comics just a few months ago. I would read comics every once in a while as a child. I mainly read the Archie comics and dabbled occasionally in similar comics. However, I never cracked open a superhero comic until this year. It was the combination of the Deadpool movie along with the beginning of Second Union which inspired me to finally dive into the superhero genre.I chose digital comics for my reintroduction to comic book reading. It was an easy choice to make due to the convenience of online shopping and the wide range of available apps. Currently, my favourite applications are Amazon Kindle, Scribd, and Comixology. These reading apps sync together, allowing me to begin reading on one device and continue on another. This means I can have access to my growing comic collection everywhere I go without losing my place. Digital comics do have a slight drawback on smaller devices, such as smartphones. However, most apps now provide a solution in the form of pane-by-pane reading that works rather well.

I was immediately hooked  after being blown away by the quality upon opening my first choice, which I chose at random (Cable and Deadpool: Alone Again, Naturally). I enjoyed every moment of my time reading the crisp text, taking in the vibrant colours, and appreciating the tiny details in each panel. Shortly after finishing that, I quickly found myself reading a variety of superhero comics back-to-back, which all provided the same jaw-dropping reading experience. A well done comic is a true piece of art while being displayed on a high-resolution screen.

Of course, there are people who would rather go into a comic book store, pick up a physical copy of their favourite series, and meet like-minded people instead of ordering from the comfort of home. The staff at the store should be able to make some excellent starting recommendations after a short discussion about your favourite crime-fighters and villains if a local shop is what you’d prefer. However, it can be argued that it is much better to download an app and read a preview than it is to go into a store and accidentally pick out a comic you didn’t enjoy.

Overall, I highly recommend digital comics to people who are interested in getting started. Most websites and apps will provide a free preview for their comics so you can read a small preview before pulling out your wallet. Forums, YouTube videos, and many other websites can help point you in the right direction with reviews and recommendations as well. Also, if you check in frequently, you can also catch some great sales for specific characters or an entire series.

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