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Second Union


Movie Poster
Movie Poster for X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)

With a new timeline established for what many refer to as a reboot, X-Men: Apocalypse ranks as one of the better installments in the movie franchise. Nothing can compare to Days of Future Past but the plot continues to weave the older X-Men with the younger and continue to establish origins for many of the popular heroes. This also includes re-establishing origins for Nightcrawler, Storm, Jean Grey and Cyclops.


Bryan Singer has applied a Planet of the Apes trick whereby sequels become prequels and progressively work their way up to the present day. The last two entries took place in the sixties and seventies. This one takes place in the 1980s and supposedly the next will establish a 1990s rendition. Apocalypse was among the best villains in the comic book saga but a transition to the silver screen costs more than a stroke of the pen. A mutual with a God complex, who can do virtually anything, proves a challenge. Wholesale destruction requires tons of computer effects but can the film makers restrict themselves from going too far, but live up to the potential for comic book fans? I think they did.




Olivia Munn, one of the hottest and under-appreciated actresses in Hollywood today, played the role of Psylocke in this movie. Regrettably, her talents were wasted as her origin was never disclosed to the mainstream audience that knows nothing more about comic books than from what they see on the screen. Filmmakers forget that making a movie for fan boys, assuming the audience already knows who the characters are, still requires explanation for those not in the know. My wife, who never read X-Men comics, wanted to know how and why Psylocke did what she did and I had to explain it to her. Munn was provided ample space on the movie posters and the producers certainly have big plans with her… perhaps they can give her more screen time in the next installment.


Movie Posters
Movie Posters for X-Men: Apocalyse (2016)

Geeks will enjoy the pop culture references such as a Bionic Man tee shirt, Atari video games and a visit to the movie theater to watch Return of the Jedi. (Jean Grey makes a comment how she felt it was the worst of the series.) Quicksilver steals the movie again with a scene that out-does the scene he had in the last movie. All of this adds to the fun. After all, this movie franchise is not one meant to win awards — it was meant to sell pop corn.


One small note to add: stay all the way to the very end of the closing credits to get a sneak peak at the next villain.

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