Second Union

Second Union

Nerd HQ is the place to be!


Yes! One of THE best free SDCC offsite events will be making its way back this summer to The New Children’s Museum in downtown San Diego. Nerd HQ is a favorite place to wind down on the cushy couches, play in the gaming lounge, and boogie down at the evening dance parties. With only 200 seats available at $22 per ticket (All proceeds go to @operationsmile), you can be an audience member at a panel with some of your favorite star-studded celebs. It is surely an all-star event that every Con-goer wants to experience, and gives another opportunity to give to Operation Smile. Nerd HQ 2016 was confirmed by The Nerd Machine a month and a half ago:


And its presence at SDDCC 2016 is re-confirmed so we nerds can all breathe a sigh of relief. An official announcement will be made soon and the site will be updated to reflect 2016.

As SDCC gets close, make sure to follow @thenerdmachine and #NerdHQ to learn when Conversation for a Cause tickets go on sale and the overall attractions of Nerd HQ2016.

Let’s take a look at a few photos from past SDCC Nerd HQs as we anticipate this year’s fun-filled event.

Welcome to Nerd HQ – 2014
Wall of Honor - Nerd HQ 2014
Wall of Honor – Nerd HQ 2014
Heroes: Reborn Panel - Nerd HQ 2015
Heroes: Reborn Panel – Nerd HQ 2015

Lastly with great determination, I was able to score tickets to the ‘Conversation with Jared Padalecki’ panel in 2012. To see ‘yours truly’ ask Mr. Padalecki a question, fast forward to 36:13.


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