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Gawker Website Ending Operations Next Week


American blog Gawker has just announced that it will be shut down as of next week. Gawker Media was put up for auction following a bankruptcy filing announced on Friday, 10 Jun 2016. The bankruptcy was a result of a loss of $115 million in an invasion of privacy lawsuit by wrestler Hulk Hogan. Peter Thiel, a billionaire from Silicon Valley, recently revealed that he had been financing the lawsuit in an attempt to put Gawker Media out of business.

Univision successfully bid $135 million for six of Gawker Media’s websites – Deadspin, Gizmodo, Jalopnik, Jezebel, Kotaku, and Lifehacker. Thankfully, current Gawker staff will be assigned to new roles, rather than becoming unemployed. They will be moved to a position within Univision itself or begin appearing at one of the six mentioned websites.

There have been a large number of controversies involving the website since being founded in January 2003. Such controversies include publishing private information from Sarah Palin’s leaked emails in 2008, a data breach in 2010 after being hacked by a group named Gnosis, and yet another lawsuit involving three former interns in 2013. Information regarding Gawker’s many other controversies can be found on Wikipedia.

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