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TIME – Star Trek: 50 Years – Inside The Most Influential Science Fiction Series Ever


Welcome to Rob’s Reviews, where I, Rob, review various pieces of literature related to Sci-Fi, Fantasy, or Comic Books. In this instance it’s the Special Edition of Time Magazine: Star Trek, that came out this month. It’s 96 pages, and carries a $13.99 ($17.99 for our Canadian friends) price tag. Is it worth it? I would say yes, for the following reasons…

First off, it is meaty, and reads more like a history book, than a Sci-Fi magazine. It goes through the history of Star Trek, its influences, and what influenced its development throughout its 50 years. From discussions of diversity, to technology, to what was going on (historically) in the US.

Secondly, the pictures are nothing short of fantastic. There are black and whites and color, which adds to the history aspect I mentioned earlier. The pictures range from stills of the original cast and crew, to a great section on the gadgets associated with Star Trek, including the holodeck, the transporter, and the communicators.


Finally, there are some interesting sections on the fans, and how they influenced the evolution, and success of Star Trek. The piece on Kirk/Spock that was easily worth the cover price. There is also a two page spread comparing Star Trek to Star Wars, guaranteed to start an argument.

All in all, I would suggest it if you are a Star Trek fan, or a TV history buff. If you’re not a Star Trek fan, well, I’m sorry, but what is wrong with you?


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