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Rob’s Reviews: DC Comics – Titans


Welcome back to Rob’s Reviews! This week I review the Titans published by DC Comics. I binged read Rebirth 1, and issues 1 & 2 this morning, and all in all: a good read.

STORY: The story was interesting (full of time travel, magic, and multiverse), and full of future potential. Without giving out spoilers, the way in which Dan Abnett  links Wally West’s (aka The Flash), return and how it relates to rectifying the Flash Point/New 52 dilemma is nothing short of brilliant. I have always liked writers who use existing material and weave their yarn, rather than jettisoning what they don’t like and writing their own story, continuity be damned. While I’m sure that is fine from the writer/artist view, it is not so much from the fanboy side. And, yea, I’m a fanboy. Story get 4 👍  out of 5 👍



ART: I am not a big fan of Brett Booth‘s art, as it is a little too lean and homogeneous for my tastes. Everyone is proportionately the same, which gives his art a very, unilateral feel. For example, if you could strip off the costumes, the Flash, Nightwing, Speedy, and Aqualad, have the same body type. There is little if any distinction among them. Now I know some lads who would profusely disagree with my assessment, and harken Booth to Jim Lee. I disagree, but art being art, its very subjective. Art gets 3 👍 out of 5 👍



PRICE: Although many of the DC titles are coming out twice a month, Titans is staying with the monthly formula, and comes in at $2.99 an issue. Price gets 4 👍 out of 5 👍

Rob’s Recommendation: Buy!





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