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Second Union

Blizzard Entertainment Helps Player in Hostile Situation

HostileDruid 2

Blizzard Entertainment’s MMO World of Warcraft expansion Legion was released today. Players can now begin collecting their artifact weapons and push back the demonic Burning Legion. That is, of course, assuming that they are on good terms with their respective Class Hall factions!

A player from the Kazzak server in the EU was unable to collect an artifact weapon for his druid earlier today. The player had previously fought with the guards of the Cenarion Circle, a faction within the game, and had managed to get his reputation down to the “hostile” status. The player reported on the official forums that an NPC in the game, Archdruid Hamuul Runetotem, would not speak to him due to the low status and that he could not advance in the game. Fellow players recommended different solutions for the unfortunate situation, however the druid player was concerned that the solutions wouldn’t fix his issue before the end of the new expansion. Thankfully, Blizzard was able to quickly fix the problem with a hotfix and the player was finally able to continue his adventure in the Broken Isles. This is the first time that many people have heard of a hotfix being implemented due to a single player’s predicament.

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