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Second Union

Stranger Things gets a Season 2!


This is it boys and girls! The moment we have all been waiting for!

Netflix has officially given the spectacular vintage 1980’s supernatural thriller Stranger Things the thumbs up to do a second season. This show exploded onto the scene capturing the hearts and minds of over 14 million viewers. Needless to say, Stranger Things became one of the hottest streamed shows on Netflix and if you haven’t heard of it you should probably crawl out of that hole and grab a remote.

Stranger Things

So what’s new?

Many people were wondering if Season 2 would start off with a completely different premise with new characters/places, or stick with more of the same? Well it turns out we are going to be returning to the small town of Hawkins, Indiana, but get a little push into the future. Same kids, just older. The EW reports that this season will also be a little longer as it stretches to 9 episodes. Season 2 is still set in the 1980’s and bound to have all of the thrills, mystery, and mind-bending science fiction that we fell in love with in the first season.

Stranger Things Season 1


Although I may have liked season 2 to be more of an anthology/explore of different characters and places, I am excited to see where this goes and continue this already beloved journey.

So to wrap things up, we really don’t know much, and theres is a lot of speculation out there, but a greenlit season 2 will at least tame our cravings, for now…


Share your thoughts with us! What would you like to see in Season 2?

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