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Second Union

YouTube vs Creators


There is a bit of a fight going on between YouTube and some of its content creators right now. This new YouTube-related controversy involves policies related to advertiser-friendly concerns. YouTubers are making videos and posting tweets with cries of new censorship, but YouTube is stating that the rules have been in place for quite some time.

One of the ways content creators can make money is through ad revenue via Google AdSense. Video creators who have gone through an approval process can upload a video to YouTube and check a box to state that they wish to display ads in exchange for payment. They can even decide if the ad can be skipped after being displayed for a short length of time or if a viewer must watch the entire ad before continuing. A video must adhere to Google’s list of guidelines in order for the creator to receive AdSense compensation. This includes ensuring that videos are advertiser-friendly, meaning that the content must appropriate for all audiences.

There is no way for YouTube staff to monitor every single video in order to guarantee that users are following the guidelines. In fact, about 60 hours of video are uploaded every minute. YouTube’s solution is to have programs, also known as “bots”, filter through the videos and flag anything questionable. This method often leads to videos being flagged and temporarily removed when they actually are following the AdSense rules. This issue is rearing its head once again as the bots both rightfully and wrongfully declare videos as not meeting advertiser guidelines.

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