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Second Union

This Fall’s Stacked TV Line-Up

Fall 2016 is already looking great – Some of TV’s biggest shows make their return to the scene and I know we are all brewing with excitement! Here I list a couple of the most highly anticipated show and reasons why you should jump on board if you haven’t already:

  1. NARCOSNarcosAirs on Netflix – 9/02/16 – Viewers were swept by the masses when Netflix released their exclusive crime drama featuring the notorious Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. Everything you have ever wanted in a gritty drama is here. Discover Colombian history like you have never seen it before while being caught in the whirlwind of the drug trade. Experience the life of a kingpin and witness the type of storytelling that basically invented “binge watching”. Narcos has something to offer for everyone, and if you missed the first season you better catch up now – the hype is real! AHS
  2. American Horror StoryAirs on FX – 9/14/16 – This show is one of TV’s best anthology series ever. It takes unique and intuitive concepts and shapes them into their own twisted realities season after season. Captivated by the spooky imagery and top notch storytelling, fans of American Horror Story are instantly hooked. It is also the perfect show to watch if you are a picky viewer, why you ask? Because it is an anthology, which means that if you didn’t like the last season, that’s okay, next season will be completely different! This series is great for any horror/scifi lover and perfect if you need something new to get into, so give it a try!
  3. LUKELuke CageAirs on Netflix – 9/30/16 – Netflix is back at it again with an exclusive Marvel series! Fans were pleasantly surprised by Daredevil and Jessica Jones, so we are hoping the winning streak continues. We love the Hero for Hire in the comic books, so lets see what he can do on screen! This story will be set in the tough neighborhood of Harlem, NY so we are bound to see some bad ass vigilante justice. I know every comic book fan will be tuned into this one, but it is clear that this series will deal with some of life’s real issues instead of the same old random alien threats comic shows/movies love so much. Don’t miss out on this! Check out the trailer here!
  4. FLASHThe Flash Airs on The CW – 10/04/16 – There is so much to look forward to in this new season of The Flash! Speeding his way onto the screen is Wally West or the “Kid Flash” played by Keiynan Lonsdale! The first episode was also revealed to be the Flashpoint Paradox, derived from the hit animated DC movie. It will be interesting to see how this show will handle new characters/villains, as well as, a legendary and widely beloved storyline. This show has found booming success from the previous seasons and will have no trouble roping in viewers this time around. This is going to make history… as long as Barry does not screw Black Mirrorup the timeline again…
  5. Black Mirror – Airs on Netflix – 10/21/16 – Black Mirror will make you rethink everything you know about technology today. This is a show that truly stands alone because of its genius and quality. This mind-bending scifi anthology series will bring you back to the Twilight Zone days when watching TV was as much an experience as it was entertainment. Black Mirror cleverly takes tech-concepts that we can all appreciate and shows us the dark side. Gaze into technology’s ugly reflection and strap in for this new season!



There are plenty of other shows that I could mention on this list but here are my top 5!

Some other shows to look out for are:

Atlanta (Airing on FX – 9/6/16)

Gotham (Airing on FOX – 9/19/16)

Agents of Shield (Airing on ABC – 9/20/15)

Legends of Tomorrow (Airing on the CW- 10/13/16)

Supergirl (Airing on the CW – 10/10/16)

Walking Dead (Airing on AMC – 10/23/16).

Let us know what you are looking forward to on TV this fall!

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