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Game of Thrones Update: Gendry’s Return



Game of Thrones fans may have just received a special surprise gift! Actor Joe Dempsie who plays Gendry on HBO’s Game of Thrones has been spotted in Northern Ireland’s Belfast City Airport! (left – picture via Watchers on the Wall).

For those who have forgotten all about Gendry, he is the bastard son of King Robert Baratheon. Many of Robert’s bastard children were round up and killed in the hopes that there would be no contest for the throne; however, Gendry escaped. Later Gendry was taken captive by Stannis Baratheon, but let free by Stannis’ right hand man Davos. The last we see of Gendry is when Davos escorts him into a small boat and Gendry sails away in Season 3 (right).Gendry leaving

The important thing to remember here is that Gendry has a rightful claim to the Iron Throne! This could be very problematic for any of the other key characters promoting their own claim to the throne. We haven’t seen Gendry since his voyage to who know where, but could he be the wildcard the producers are hanging over our heads for the upcoming season? I hope so! Gendry’s very existence threatens the fabric of the realm.

Another good example of this methodology being used for character development is Gondor’s very own Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings. We see his character lurk in the shadows as a Dunedain Ranger, and then later emerge as the rightful King of Gondor. So hopefully Gendry hasn’t been sitting on his butt, or wasting away at sea for 3 seasons. I pray that Gendry has learned a couple new tricks and collected some strong allies in his absence, because from what we have seen in Season 6, Cersei and Daenerys are not going down without a fight. Needless to say, if Gendry does return it is going to be epic, but he’s got some serious work to do!


What do you think will happen if Gendry returns? Let us know!


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