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Suicide Squad: Extended Cut – On Blu-Ray December 13th

The DC Comics summer blockbuster Suicide Squad will be coming to Blu-Ray later this year! Critics panned the film upon release, and like its predecessor Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice (which also received negative reviews), it will be getting an extended cut on Blu-Ray with 13 more minutes of footage.

From the trailer, it looks like Jared Leto’s Joker will be getting more screen time (a welcome addition for fans), along with Margot Robbie’s highly praised Harley Quinn. It seems one of the defining Extended Cut sequences will be the motorcycle chase between Harleen Quinzel and Joker. The Extended Cut will arrive on Digital HD November 15th, and on Blu-Ray December 13th. The Extended Cut will not be available to DVD owners.

There will also be a steelbook version, as shown below.

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