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Alternate Reality Games


The most popular alternate reality games (or ARGs for short) are often a combination of role-playing and marketing. A compelling ARG of the gaming-related variety will take fans on an adventure both in and out of the video game. Clues and puzzles which need to be solved can be hidden in game trailers, websites, screenshots, and more.

The search for information on Overwatch‘s Sombra character is an excellent example of a currently ongoing ARG. Overwatch fans first began locating codes in trailer videos for the game. This led them on a trail of messages left by a mysterious, unreleased character who seems to be going by the name Sombra. Some players strayed on their journey for answers and made their own path. Unfortunately, this led to the hacking of some game accounts which Blizzard Entertainment did not intend to have hacked. These players thought that they were supposed to hack into the accounts because Sombra is rumoured to be an amazing hacker herself. From that point of view, their actions made perfect sense. However, the main puzzles to be solved in the Sombra mystery so far have mostly been encrypted codes which do not require an expert hacker’s knowledge.

People who are interested in taking part in online ARGs, including the one involving Sombra, should wander over to the GameDetectives on Reddit. If you are the type of person who loves searching online for gaming or gadget-related leaks, ARGs might become your new favourite hobby. People don’t even have to participate in the hunt for clues in order to enjoy the games. Simply just checking into GameDetectives once a day can be fun because people all over the world are having thought-proving discussions and while finding new and interesting clues for their favourite ARGs almost every day.

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