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New Comic Book Day! (Wednesday 10/26/16)

Every Wednesday the comic book Gods and Goddesses bless us with brand new books from our favorite series! Here are some of the books that have caught my attention and make me eager to run down to my LCS:

Wonder Woman 75th AnniversaryWonder Woman 75th Anniversary Special – Wonder Woman is celebrating an astounding 75 years as one of the most iconic comic book characters ever created. This book will contain new stories and art from some of the best in the business. No comic book fan will want to pass up this milestone of a book. This will be an entertaining book, as well as, a pleasant reminder of why we love Wonder Woman so much. Don’t miss it!





Doctor Strange and The Sorcerers Supreme #1Doctor Strange and The Sorcerers Supreme #1 – Marvel is hot with all new Doctor Strange stories in anticipation for his big screen appearance on November 4th. In this book Doctor Strange calls upon sorcerers from all over time (including Merlin, the Ancient One, Wiccan, and more) to face a destructive evil. You can expect plenty of twists, turns and a whole lot of MAGIC! Fans of Doctor Strange or people that are just trying to get excited about the movie should definitely pick up this book!





Lake of Fire #3Lake of Fire #3 – For those that aren’t already familiar with this book, it takes place during the crusades. Knights set out to purge the land of infidels when aliens crash-land on Earth and start unleashing havoc. This band of crusaders and a group of villagers must find a way to repel these new monstrous invaders. This story is a piece of super-creative science fiction/fantasy which flows brilliantly into a very cinematic reading experience that will keep you turning pages. Read Lake of Fire today!





Seven to Eternity #2Seven to Eternity #2 – The first issue introduced us to the wild kingdom of Zhal and did not disappoint. Zhal is a magical fantasy landscape that is home to numerous threats, the biggest of which is the ‘God of Whispers’. A group of oppressed magic users must band together to defend themselves from the treachery of their sinister rulers. Backed up by some amazing art, this book has a very compelling story. These are characters that you can get behind and actually want to see succeed. Reading this book is an adventure into an original world that has never been seen before. Be sure to pick this up and join the fight!




Skybourne #2Skybourne #2 – Frank Cho delivers an original fantasy adventure story that incorporates the legend of King Arthur. Last issue we were thrown into an intense race for the magical sword known as Excalibur. It isn’t very clear who exactly wants Excalibur and why, but things go array when the magician Merlin appears. It becomes clear that Merlin has his own agenda and will do whatever it takes to acquire Excalibur. Continue to the adventure in Skybourne #2!





What books are on your pull list? Let us know!

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