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Second Union

The Peanuts/Stranger Things Mash-Up You Didn’t Know You Needed

In what can only best be described as “pure genius” Youtubers Leigh Lahav & Oren Mendez (OnlyLeigh) have successfully “mashed” the animated world of Charles Schulz’s classic Peanuts with the Netflix Original Series Stranger Things.

In this creative animated short, A Stranger Things Christmas, Will Byers finds himself searching for the cause of his unhappiness after having returned from “The Upside Down”. He wanders throughout his neighborhood seeking answers from his friends (Dustin, Lucas, Mike, and Eleven), his mother, and even the creature from The Upside Down. Eventually finding the answers to his problems in true Peanuts fashion. There’s even a brief cameo by fan-favorite Barb! Enjoy the clip above.

Alex Jebb Quine
Dylan Neumeyer
Nicholas Polley
Rylan Bailey

Rotem Bloch ( )

Scott Hampton ( )
Frankie Simon ( )

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