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Haunted Tours in Second Life


Haunted locations in Second Life are a fun choice for people who want a spooky experience from the comfort of their computer chair for free. Content creators have done an excellent job this year with creepy statues, haunted houses, languishing spirits, and eerie ambiance. There are plenty of free high-quality gifts to find along the way as well due to the numerous Halloween hunt events being held all over the virtual world.

slhalloweenpost3One of the first places to stop by is the island of Arranmore. SL user Lauren Bentham has arranged a helpful display which will provide notes about Arranmore, along with other great places to visit. She even provides a flashlight so that users can take in the dark landscape and use the flashlight for a very immersive experience. Arranmore was once a small, thriving community. When the Inman noble family suddenly vanished, the poor commoners of the fishing port suffered terribly without their financial support. Arranmore began to decline and tales of lost spirits started to surface. There is a dark, eerie cloud now hanging over the small island and the old Inman Manor remains uninhabited to this day. Click here to visit Arranmore in SL.slhalloweenpost4

Another must-see is the Nightless Isle by SL user Tayren Theas. There are free goodies hiding in the various haunted houses and shops, along with costumes for sale at Tayren’s and Hig’s. Visitors will run into hungry werewolves, friendly skeletons, and wandering demons as they explore the town of Deathknell and the Cursed Caverns. Those who make it through the isle alive will reach the serene Fairy Valley, which provides a haven for the creatures of light. Click here to visit Nightless Isle in SL.

slhalloweenpost2If a foreboding forest is what you desire, you must take a trip to Foggy Hill Island by SL users Eva Manson-Crowley and Yeti Manson-Crowley. This particular stop was quite gory compared to the other locations in this list, so some may want to look elsewhere for more PG-friendly Halloween fun. The island’s main feature is Manson-Crowley Hall, a manor which is said to be centuries old and inhabited by an evil presence. The restless spirits who wander the island are rumoured to be the souls of the people who violently lost their lives quite mysteriously. Click here to visit Foggy Hill Island in SL.

Even if you’re not able to log in before Halloween is over, there is no reason to rush. Many locations will remain decorated as they are now all year long. This provides users with plenty of time to remain at each location for as long as they wish without having to feel rushed. With so many little nooks and crannies to explore and small, carefully placed details to see, users should definitely make sure they are providing themselves enough time to view everything there is to offer.

If you are new to Second Life, you can create a free account and begin a fantastic Halloween adventure at However, please be aware that your computer will need to meet certain requirements in order to view the locations as seen in the screenshots within this article. For the official recommended requirements for Second Life, please click here.

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