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‘No Man’s Sky’ Update Too Little Too Late?

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Hello Games has been hard at work developing what they have dubbed the “Foundation Update” for No Man’s Sky. The patch, which became available on November 27th, adds new game modes, base building, farming, interstellar Freighters, new resources, and more. The patch is an attempt at fixing customer relations and adds features which will possibly help make the game feel less like a large, repetitive exploration game.

While some players have returned to the game, the Steam Charts show that some of these players did not stay long after fiddling with the new features. In addition, other players see the game as still being a large sandbox with barely anything to do. After all, why would some players want to work towards building a base, only to abandon it later?

Despite the criticisms, the patch is a great step in the right direction. It shows that Hello Games is listening to the consumers and they want to set things right with the players who felt the game was severely lacking the compelling gameplay that was promised.

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