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Second Union

Twitch Adds New “IRL” Category

Twitch’s main purpose has primarily been to provide a live video platform for gamers. However, even gaming-related streamers are not always streaming themselves playing a game. Sometimes people just like to get in front of a webcam and chat with their followers instead. This is especially true when a gamer may want to stream but their favourite online game is down for maintenance. For times like this, the brand new IRL (In Real Life) channel category is a great place to hang out.

The IRL streaming channel was created after numerous Twitch streamers requested to be given the ability to just chat with their online communities without being flagged as streaming without playing a game. Consequently, Twitch has updated their General Conduct rules so that they no longer forbid non-gaming content. However, the new category has started some new guidelines with its arrival. The banned activities include the following:

  • Steaming content you do not have the rights to broadcast, including web browsing, movies, TV shows, music videos, sports matches, and live performances.
  • Streaming unattended content like sleeping on stream, 24/7 city/house cams, baby or pet cams.
  • Streaming content that requires operating video capture equipment and a moving vehicle simultaneously.

These new changes will be influential in bringing gaming communities closer together. Streamers will finally be able to put the game controllers down and spend some well focused, quality time with the people participating in the stream’s chat box.

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