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Samsung’s #BeFearless Journey in Canada

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In 2013, Samsung announced its global “Launching People” campaign. The goal of the campaign is to launch programs across the globe which incorporate technology with people’s dreams for their life. Some of the projects from the campaign include workshops which address youth unemployment in South Africa, concussions in rugby in Australia, and accidents caused by jaywalking in China.

In late 2016, Samsung’s Canadian division launched their own version of the #BeFearless journey. The Canadian campaign currently is aimed towards conquering the fear of public speaking and the fear of heights. Samsung combined their efforts with Facebook and Oculus to create this four-week VR training program. By utilizing specially customized environments created for virtual reality devices, Samsung hopes to give people the confidence they need to deliver a speech in front of a large crowd or enjoy a thrilling rollercoaster ride for the first time.

Most discussions regarding virtual reality have to do with gaming innovations. VR gaming is impressive and entertaining, but using virtual reality as a practical tool to improve one’s overall daily life might be a more appropriate use of the technology. Modern, triple-A games often require a lot of movement and VR games are giving many players motion sickness unless a strange teleporting set-up is implemented, such as in Batman: Arkham VR. However, if a VR environment were created to simulate a mock interview or sitting on the beach looking out at the ocean, motion sickness from VR movement is no longer an issue for the current generation of VR headsets.

The technology might not be exactly where it needs to be in order to provide the next generation of mind-blowing games, but VR in its current state still has its practical uses that can make the lives of VR users better. VR gaming is going through some growing pains right now, much like how mobile games began. Eventually, we will have those futuristic entertainment environments we all dream of. In the meantime, people can attempt to #BeFearless and push themselves to become stronger and more confident so they can face those digital monsters when the technology has advanced.

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