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Second Union

‘LEGO Worlds’ Finally Released

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LEGO Worlds has finally out of its Early Access phase and has moved into it’s v1.00 live release on PC. Xbox One and Playstation 4 owners can also now dive into the game and begin creating their own Lego universe. A version for the Nintendo Switch is also being developed, but it is coming at a later date.

LEGO Worlds has open, procedurally-generated worlds, much like Minecraft. The worlds are made up entirely of LEGO bricks which can be freely manipulated by players to make helicopters, dragons, houses, or entire neighbourhoods. The quests can help to give players some direction on what to do, which can be important in a game dependent on a player’s ability to create their own fun.

LEGO Worlds has big shoes to fill if it’s going to entice Minecraft players and please long-time LEGO block builders. Releasing for the Nintendo Switch in the near future may give it the edge it needs over the competition.

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