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New ‘Overwatch’ Hero Orisa

As theorized on February 21, Overwatch character Efi Oladele has indeed created the next playable hero. Efi’s heavily modified OR15 defense robot is named Orisa and she has been employed as Numbani’s new guardian. Being only 1 month old, Orisa still has a lot to learn if she is going to keep both her creator and her city safe.

As a guardian robot, Orisa has adopted the tanking role. She defends her team with a protective barrier and she can fortify her own defenses as well. Her graviton charges will slow and move enemies, grabbing those who might try and run away. Even those who do manage to slip her grasp will not get very far before they are gunned down by her long-range projectile cannon. When her entire team needs a boost to mow down any remaining survivors, her Supercharger ultimate skill can increase the damage output of multiple allies.

Orisa plays much like her fellow tank Reinhardt. Orisa can place her stationary barrier down just about anywhere she likes, providing a barrier much like Reinhardt’s but with the added advantage of strategic placement. Another advantage she has over Reinhardt is her automatic cannon, although it does slow her down while firing. Once Orisa is officially released on March 21, 2017, she might become everyone’s new favourite tank. It’s possible that Reinhardt may wind up need some tweaking to stay competitive.

For those who are curious and cannot wait until next week, Orisa can be played right now on the Overwatch public test region.

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