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FUNKO PRESENTS: Batman ’66 Figures and Pop!s

Back in the 60’s a man named William Dozier brought a colorful, campy, and oftentimes bizarre television series to the air; and the world hasn’t been the same since. The television series entitled ‘Batman‘, starred Adam West and Burt Ward and featuring the costumed exploits of the Dynamic Duo. Batman and his trusty sidekick Robin became a cultural phenomenon. Today we’re seeing a fantastic resurgence in the popularity of the series. The entire series has been remastered and released on DVD and Blu-Ray, the characters earned themselves their very own comic book series called Batman ’66, a brand new animated film with a sequel in the works, and a whole host of brand new Batman ’66 action figures and toys have been released recently as well. We intend to showcase some of these great action figures and toys in the coming weeks. It is a good time to be not just a Batman fan, but a Batman ’66 fan!

Recently, that powerhouse of collectible vinyl figures, Funko, announced some new additions to their Batman ’66 line-up of toys and collectibles. First up is this set featuring the Batmobile, measuring in at 11″, Funko’s first ride featuring rolling wheels, and includes the Batman and Robin figures which stand 3.75″ tall and feature 9 points of articulation.


Funko Batmobile with Batman & Robin (Available in May)


Funko has also announced a new batch of Batman ’66 Pop! vinyl figures available in June, which will include four of Batman’s most nefarious foes, (One with a chase variant – a 1 in 6 rarity) and one of his most trusted allies, the beautiful and mysterious Batgirl.

King Tut Pop!
Mr. Freeze Pop!
The Penguin Pop!
The Riddler Pop!
The Riddler Pop! (Chase Variant)

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