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RECAP: iZombie – “Eat, Pray, Liv”

Welcome back to another recap of iZombie! Today, I’ll be recapping Episode 3 – “Eat, Pray, Liv”.


The episode starts off with Major after mercenary training, eating the substance that enables zombies to eat brains without getting visions or personality traits. Then it skips to Major and Ravi playing video games and Liv bringing in Chinese food for the pair. After a glimpse of Blaine singing and playing piano at a restaurant. Afterwards, we get a glimpse of our murder victim this week, who, while meditating after a class, is brutally sliced n’ diced (off-screen, of course).

Clive interviews the woman who found the body, and then talks to a homeless drunk man who gives a brief description of the assumed killer. He also says that the man was carrying a trash bag. Liv and Clive investigate the nearest trash and find a shoe matching the bloody footprint at the scene. Now, onto our weekly brain recipe. Almond milk chai tea w/ brains, coming right up!

Ravi appears in Peyton’s office to apologize, but is refused any sort of affection. While Blaine talks on the phone with her afterwards, his thought-dead father appears after being thawed by Don E in the season premiere. Peyton arrives and sees Blaine’s father, remarking that she thought he was killed by Major.


Yet again, Major gets demolished in mercenary training, but after taking a shower, he begins to have a coughing fit. Ravi says that he doesn’t have much time until he will be forced to take the cure.

Liv and Clive interrogate an old business partner of the deceased man named Mitch, but his foot size and stature do not match the description given and the shoe found at the crime scene. Afterwards, they visit another partner named Devin who had the same occupation, who blatantly says that the shoes are his, but he doesn’t appear to be suspicious. Meanwhile, Ravi’s ex-boss asks him to dinner.

After Liv walks in on Major and a friend from mercenary training playing Just Dance (and dancing to Jason Derulo), Major begins to, yet again, cough violently. This time, however, it’s much worse.

The first man Liv and Clive interrogated, Mitch, turns out to be the murderer and intentionally framed Devin. Meanwhile, Don E. is showing the highly unimpressed Blaine’s dad plans for their new operation The name is…*drumroll please*…The Scratching Post!

Ravi holds a meeting to discuss the memory serum he wants Blaine to take. After arguing with Peyton, Blaine orders Ravi to inject him, which Ravi then does. Peyton visits Ravi afterward, and after apologizing, the two share a kiss. However, their moment is broken by the sound of shattering glass. It’s Ravi’s ex-boss! Turns out the two of them…you can probably guess based on that information. Peyton storms out in a fury.


This episode was alright. It didn’t feature much going on, and the drama between the characters was rushed and not very well-done. The writing and humor wasn’t as strong as the last episode, but it was still good overall. I’m looking forward to the next episode, and I’m going to give this one a 7.5/10.

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