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LOGAN: Black & White Version Heading to Theaters, Blu-Ray


Fan of this year’s Marvel film Logan? You’re in luck. The critically acclaimed movie will be brought back to theaters for one night only, but this time in black and white. Other films have followed this fashion, including 2015’s smash hit Mad Max: Fury Road. So, when will this monochrome version of Wolverine’s last film be released? The edition will hit theaters on May 16th. For those not able to catch this version while it’s in theaters: don’t worry. This version of the film will release alongside the original cut on the Blu-Ray, available May 23rd.

The official cover of the Blu-Ray was unveiled on the Best Buy website last week. However, it was taken down, so I’m assuming it was an accidental leak. However, the 4K cover is still available to view as of right now, on both the Best Buy website and the official Blu-Ray website. I’ve included an image of the removed Blu-Ray cover, and the 4K cover as well.

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