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RECAP: Attack On Titan – “Warrior”


Holy. Crap. We are already halfway through Season 2 of Attack On Titan, and what an episode this week’s was. This was the biggest, twistiest, turniest episode yet, and while nothing much else happened this week, I’d like to start off by just saying what the twist was. Spoilers ahead! You have been warned.

Okay…the big reveal was that Reiner and Bertolt are the Armored and Colossal Titans! Holy crud! If it weren’t for them, Eren’s mother wouldn’t have been eaten at the start of Season 1, and Eren wouldn’t have as much hatred and determination as he does in the series. So, now that we’ve been informed of this twist, what’s next? Based on the info given for the next episode, it’s certain that Eren (Titan Form) will duke it out with Reiner and Bertolt.

This will be a relatively short recap, because, aside from that big reveal, there really isn’t that much else to cover. So, let’s discuss an issue I had while watching this episode. It doesn’t actually relate to the episode itself. In truth, it is something that I would like to point out. There were multiple instances (about 5 times) this week when there were no English subtitles for dialogue. There were times when a sentence would start and then never show the finished thing in English subs. English subbed has always been my personal preference, but in this case, it didn’t turn out that well.

Reiner makes himself known to the group.

The rest of the episode was a bit boring and slow-paced, and there were instances when it was hard to tell what was going on, but the animation was still very solid this week, which proves that these animators still have what it takes to give fans what they want.

A really enjoyable aspect was that the song that played during Reiner and Bertolt’s transformation was the same one that played during Eren’s mother’s death. I really liked that addition because it connected her death to their breaking of Wall Maria in Episode 1 of the first season. Just a neat little tidbit I’m glad they added.

Overall, the episode “Warrior” was enjoyable, but a bit slow-paced. However, it led up to a nail-biting conclusion, which makes me all the more excited for next week’s episode. I’m going to give “Warrior” an 8.5/10.

Stay tuned next week for my recap of Episode 7 – “Close Combat”.

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