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MomoCon Atlanta Day 1 – Recap

Today was the first day of MomoCon, an anime, animation, gaming, comics and manga fan convention held at the Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC) located in Atlanta, Georgia. Things got rolling at 2:00 pm with the exhibition hall opening. The bottom portion of this section of the GWCC was split into two parts…one part a gaming hall (The gaming hall will be open until 2:00 am!) and the other a vendor hall. I was able to play a few retro arcade games and then check out a couple of up and coming Indie games, like Figment. Read our review on Figment.

And if a massive Exhibition Hall wasn’t enough today, there were also lots of panels to choose from. From Beyond Marvel and DC (A discussion exploring alternative comic publishers and other genres beyond masks and capes.) to An Hour with Charlet Chung (Q&A with the voice actor of the character of D.Va in Overwatch.)

Day 1 of Momocon may be over for Second Union coverage, but there are panels up until 10:00 pm and events until 3:00 am! Be sure to follow Second Union on Twitter for coverage of the Con throughout the weekend. We will also be Periscoping the Steven Universe panel on Friday, May 26th at 7pm EST with guests, Zach Callison (voice of Steven Universe), Deedee Magno Hall (voice of Pearl), Grace Rolek (voice of Connie Maheswaran) and Michaela Dietz (voice ofAmethyst) and will film the unboxing of the May AnimeBento subscription box from the Con floor! So stay tuned for more Momocon 2017.

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