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‘Batman and Harley Quinn’ – First Full Trailer


First reported by Entertainment Weekly, a new installment of the direct-to-video animated franchise known as DC Universe Original Movies is headed our way this summer. Batman and Harley Quinn will find the title characters reluctantly joining forces to foil an apocalyptic plot hatched by the deadly Poison Ivy.

“With its 48 Hrs.-style antics, Batman and Harley Quinn promises to take a more comedic tack than DC’s recent animated offerings, such as the controversial adaptation of The Killing Joke.

The voice cast includes Kevin Conroy as Batman and Loren Lester as Nightwing (reprising their roles from Batman: The Animated Series and several other projects), and also features a new Harley in Melissa Rauch, of The Big Bang Theory.”

Batman and Harley Quinn is slated for a summer release!

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