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MomoCon Atlanta Day 2 – Recap

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Day 2 of MomoCon started off with some early panels and workshops. And you have many to choose from. There was Intro to Convention Photography, where you can learn basic camera operation and tips & tricks to help achieve better images to Overwatch Breakdown and Q&A, a breakdown of Overwatch characters with tips & tricks on how to use them.

In the Exhibit Hall A-3 was the League of Legends tournament where $1,500 in prizes will be awarded to the top winners. Other tournaments that happened today included Super Smash Bros. 4, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Pokken Tournament, and BlazBlue Central Fiction. Pokken Tournament will have a $1000 bonus courtesy of Evo. The following games will have bonuses and support provided by UGL Gaming: Mortal Kombat XL, Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3, Under Night In-Birth, Rivals of Aether, Tatsunoko Vs Capcom and Garou Mark of the Wolves.
Companies and exhibitors present in the Exhibit Hall include HTC with several Vive stations, Blue Mammoth Games, which will showcase their upcoming platform fighter Brawlhalla on PS4 and are debuting a new character at MomoCon, Cygames, Dreamhack, Gamewisp, Year Up, and Extra Life for Kids.

Today, Blizzard celebrated the Overwatch one year anniversary with a panel featuring VFX artist Rachel Day and community manager, Josh Engen on the Main Stage. Attendees also got opportunities to meet with special guests from RWBY, Steven Universe (View the Press Room Coverage on our Periscope.)  and Critical Role in addition to voice actors from anime such as Yuri!! On Ice, Attack on Titan, and Toonami at the Main Stage Exhibit A3. Creators of Toonami joined MomoCon for a look at what has happened and what’s to come. View the entire panel on our Periscope.


For more information please check out the MomoCon schedule, visit the official website, or follow MomoCon on Twitter or Facebook.Be sure to follow Second Union on Twitter for coverage of the Con throughout the weekend.

About MomoCon   
Founded in 2004 by Jessica Merriman and Chris Stuckey, then students at Georgia Tech, MomoCon has grown from a 700 person on campus event to the largest event in the southeast United States for fans of video games, animation, cosplay, comics and tabletop games.


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