Second Union

Second Union


The Predator Official Fan Mobile App launches today timed to San Diego Comic-Con. The app, available on iOS and Android mobile, will act as a portal for fans to converse, interact with exclusive content, test their Predator knowledge and more, creating the ultimate go-to source for the most engaged and interactive fan experience.


At SDCC, fans who encounter the official Predator cosplayer, and survive like Dutch, will have an opportunity to collect a limited-edition mini poster while supplies last. Did we mention he’s a WiFi Hotspot?


The Predator Official Fan App includes:


  • SKULLS. Participate in forums, complete challenges and submit your own fan content to earn skulls, unlocking special features, videos, stickers and more.


  • RANK UP. Use skulls to rank up from a Young Blood to a Yautja leader for more exclusive content. Unlock various Predator emojis.


  • THE RUNDOWN. Head Hunters Tory and Dave bring you up-to-date clan content with weekly coverage of Predator news, interviews, fan interactions, humorous sketches and more.


  • FORUMS. Visit the forum to connect with other recruits to discuss all things Predator.


Paired with an accompanying website (, the official app will provide fans around the world a place to organically interact, consume more content and build a direct relationship with others. With the film’s blend of action, sci-fi, and horror, the passionate fanbase is one of the largest fandom communities. Helmed by community managers who will drive content and interactions within the platform, the Predator Official Fan App will empower fans through content that runs the gamut from tongue-in-cheek think pieces, to fan-fiction, to behind-the-scenes revelations, to detailed analysis of past films.

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