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Hello, and welcome to a new series on Second Union that will focus on first impressions to video games. This series will consist of new games and old ones that I have just never played before. So, without further ado, here are my first impressions for PREY!

Prey was one of my more anticipated game of this year, for one reason. I freaking love Bethesda. I have never, ever been let down by one of their games. Dishonored 2 was one of my favorite games of 2016, and the studio that developed that game, Arkane Studios, was the developer of Prey. Other games by Bethesda, including the Fallout games and the first Dishonored game (which was also developed by Arkane), are truly phenomenal pieces in the game industry.

I’ve played through the first few missions of Prey, and as of now, I moderately enjoy it. It definitely isn’t as compelling as some of Bethesda’s other games, but I do like it. One of the biggest issues I have with it is that it is that it is extremely similar to my favorite game of all time, BioShock. The two are ridiculously alike, at least from where I’m at in Prey. Some of the similarities include: your first weapon is a wrench. You can enhance yourself with abilities via things similar to Plasmids and Vigors. Your main environment is abandoned of all life and your main source of energy is food and drinks found lying around. Those are only some of the many similarities I have encountered.

The controls in this game are pretty easy to master, and the difficulty level is reasonable, especially considering how frustrating some of Bethesda’s other games can be at first (I’m lookin’ at you, Fallout 3). The graphics are also pretty great. We’ve seen better in this generation, but there’s undoubtedly an immense amount of detail put into this futuristic world. However, the story, at times, feels stale and unoriginal.


Prey is one of the most disappointing games I’ve played in quite some time, but I’ll continue playing it and, if all goes according to plan, I should have a full review posted next week, so stay tuned!

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