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RECAP: Game of Thrones Season 7 – THE QUEEN’S JUSTICE

Spoiler Alert! This post will contain spoilers for Season 7 episode The Queens Justice.

Never has a quote been more prevalent for a Season of Game of Thrones than what was said in the most anticipated meeting between Jon and Daenerys Targaryen in her Dragonstone throne room.

Daenerys: I was born to rule the seven kingdoms, and I will.

Jon: You’ll be ruling over a graveyard if we don’t defeat the night king.

From the beginning of this episode, we are sent straight to Dragonstone where Jon and Sir Davos are met by Tyrion and Missandei to welcome them to their new home. After the pleasantries are completed, Jon and Tyrion shared a moment of reminiscence of when they last encountered one another, calling it a “long road, but we’re both still here”

Whilst on their way to the castle, it is revealed that Mellisandre is watching from above the high tower of the Castle. She is immediately challenged by Varys, querying why she wants to hide? After declaring her apprehension towards meeting the two, she states that she will be going to Volantis, likely to only return one more time to “die in this strange country, like you.”

It is after this that we finally get to see the meeting that everyone has begging to witness. However, it wasn’t the interaction we were necessarily expecting. Daenerys stated that the Last King of the North bent the knee to her Father claiming that he should do the same in honor of his ancestor’s oath to the then King. Jon refused, instead describing his actual motives for coming to Dragonstone.

This 10 minute period of discussions between these mega powers was so fascinating that I couldn’t have asked for a better opening to an episode. The outcome may not have been to everyone’s expectation, however, what it has done is open the door to a potentially incomparable alliance.

In Kings Landing, Euron led his newly obtained prisoners through streets to present to Cersei, after being villainously treated in the streets of the Capital, Euron presented Ellaria and Tyene as the Gift he had promised to find. After declaring his allegiance to the Queen, Euron, hilariously I must add, asked Jamie for advice regarding how Cersei “likes it”, with one particular query about a finger catching me the most off guard.

In the Dungeons, Cersei began to mock Ellaria, saying that her husband, Lord Oberyn, should have never taunted the Mountain, otherwise he would still be alive today, instead they were now both dead in one way or another.

While asking why her daughter had to be killed, She questioned whether Tyene was her favorite, stating further that she had imagined numerous ways of punishing Ellaria for her act of murder. Her method of choice? To force her to watch her daughter face the same fate as her innocent Marcella, administering the poison through a chilling kiss.

Back in Dragonstone, Tyrion proclaims that Jon looks better than him at brooding. After saying that Tyrion and his Queen had figuratively taken his ship and that he was a prisoner if not by title. Furthermore, the Queen’s Hand questions what can be done instead of the audacious claim to fight a Walking Dead Army.

When discussing the matter with Daenerys, Tyrion claimed “You shouldn’t believe a thing simply because you want to believe it” only to claim he couldn’t remember the wise person who had said this. Daenerys agrees to allow Jon and his men to mind the Dragonglass beneath her castle.

In an apparently barren Winterfell, the current Ward, Sansa, is shocked to discover her brother, Bran, has returned as the confusing figure, the Three-Eyed Raven.

In the Citadel Jorah Mormont was assessed by the Arch Maester to determine the extent of his Greyscale. After being cleared of the disease, he declares he will rejoin Dany, thanking Sam for the help he gave.

Finally, in Dragonstone, Daenerys’ Council discuss their need to find Euron Greyjoy, after refusing to allow her to lead her Dragons, they discuss how the Unsullied are on the way to Casterley Rock. Tyrion explains that when his family home was built, he was charged with developing the sewers, in turn, building an underground passage, proclaiming “Give me 10 good men and I’ll impregnate the bitch!”

The resulting Battle continues with Tyrion’s narration, inevitably resulting in the Unsullied taking the Rock in a much easier manner than expected. So, where is the remaining Lannister Army?

Cut to a massive Army marching towards Highgarden. After what we can only assume to be a short battle, Jamie speaks with Lady Olenna Tyrell about her impending fate. After declaring her greatest mistake to be a “failure of imagination” Olenna systematically calls Cersei a monster, Joffrey a c***, and admits to being the real person responsible for the former King’s death as she drinks the poison given to her by Jamie.

What an episode this was! It may not have been the most action heavy, however, what it lacks in death and destruction, it makes up for with captivating interactions, astounding character development, and spine chilling resolutions.

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