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RECAP: Game of Thrones Season 7 – Eastwatch

Can you believe there are only 2 more episodes of this season? As each week goes by, the impending conclusion to our favorite epic draws closer and closer. But fear not, there is still a lot of amazement to behold between now and then. Continuing, of course, with this week’s episode: Eastwatch

**Spoilers for all things Game of Thrones follow this warning!!**

Eastwatch immediately follows from the events of last week’s massacre at the hands of Danaerys and her Dragon, Drogon. Bronn and Jaime emerge from the water to assess the sheer carnage they have just survived. When they consider that this is the damage of one Dragon, imagine what would happen should she unleash all 3 on to her enemies.

Cut to Tyrion who silently surveys what his Queen will consider to be a substantial Victory, however his look of remorse tells a completely different story. As he approaches Danaerys, she begins to command the surviving Lannister soldiers to either bend the knee or be executed. Some begin to do so, however, Sam’s surviving Father and Brother stand tall in an apparent act of defiance towards the “foreign army” looking to take control of their country. Tyrion pleads with the Dragon-Queen to reconsider her approach, but remarks how the two men have “made their choice”, incinerating them as they embrace.

Jaime arrives at Kings Landing to explain the situation to Cersei, telling her of the barbarism he witnessed at the hands of Danaerys. He tells her that the battle ahead of them may not be one they can win. He concludes by speaking of Olenna’s confession about Joffrey’s death. Clearly frustrated by Olenna’s lack of suffering, she states that they are in a position to “Fight and die or Submit and die. I know my choice. A soldier should know his.”

Dany returns to Dragonstone atop Drogon, landing in front of an awaiting Jon Snow. Snow, fascinated by Drogon reaches out to touch the intimidating figure. Although apprehensive at first, the Dragon concedes to Jon, (perhaps sensing Jon’s familial heritage?), allowing him to stroke the side of his head, and finally blinking in acknowledgment of his potential master, much to the confusion of Dany.

While walking towards the castle, Dany asks what Davos meant when he said Jon took a knife to the heart, his answer was merely that Davos gets carried away at times. Before she can probe him any further, her Dothraki commanders appear stating that a “friend” has arrived for her. That “friend” is Jorah Mormont! It was a lovely moment to see these two reunited once again.

In Winterfell, Bran sends a conspiracy of Ravens North of the Wall to scout the advancing Walker army. He instructs a Maester to send Ravens, to spread news of the impending invasion.

In the Citadel, the Maesters discuss the Raven’s message, claiming they do not believe what it says. Overhearing this, Sam attempts to persuade them. In a frustrated stance, he implores them to reconsider their hasty decision of inaction.

Back to Dragonstone, and Tyrion tries to justify Dany’s actions to Varys. Varys recalls feeling similarly towards her father, while in his employ. He used to tell himself “I’m not the one doing it,” but this didn’t stop the King from killing all of those people in the way he did.

Jon receives Bran’s Raven and comes to the decision, along with Tyrion, Dany, and the rest of her council, that the only way to unite the South is to capture a Wight and produce it as evidence of the threat from beyond the wall. Jorah initially volunteers to lead the task, but, knowing that the Wildlings will not follow, Jon decides that it is his duty to do.

For the first time this week, we see Arya spying on a meeting in Winterfell where the heads of each Northern Army appeared to denounce Jon, wanting Sansa as their newly appointed “King”. Angered by this, Arya confronts her sister to ensure that her actions are that of her own and that if she wants to succeed, a firmer hand is required.

Davos smuggles Tyrion into Kings Landing so that he can meet with Jaime to arrange a meeting. This is made so with the help of Bronn who pretends they are going to train to fight the Dothraki army. In a heated exchange, the two discuss their Father’s death as well as the reason as to why this meeting has been arranged.

Meanwhile, Davos finds Gendry working as a Blacksmith making weapons for the Lannister army. In one of the funniest lines of the season, Davos states that he can walk around Kings Landing without fear because,


“Nothing f***s you harder than time.”

While preparing to leave, Gendry and Davos are confronted by Lannister soldiers, although they are initially bribed with 15 gold pieces, Tyrion walks past to create an unwanted dilemma. Davos tries to calm the situation but Gendry attacks them with his Giant hammer to great effect.

Jamie informs Cersei of what Tyrion told him, however, she already knows, claiming to know of all important events in Kings Landing. She continues to say that it would be in her immediate interest to accommodate Dany in the same way her father would have. She finishes by telling him she’s pregnant and that he will be declared as the Father of their latest incestuous offspring.

A Lion does not concern itself with the opinions of Sheep.

A final visit to Dragonstone depicts welcomed introductions between Gendry and Jon and unwanted farewells between Jorah, Tyrion, Jon and Dany as they begin their journey to Eastwatch.

In Old Town, Sam and Gilly talk over diaries of one of the old Maesters, in particular, the number of Windows in the High Cept, and the act of Prince Rhaegar having annulled his marriage in order to marry another in Dorn. What does this mean? Well, it appears as though Jon is a legitimate Targareon!! Raise your banners and pour the wine to celebrate the reveal of the actual heir to the Iron Throne (or so we think.)

Before we see the events of Eastwatch, we are shown Arya stalking Littlefinger to his chambers. After receiving a suspicious looking message from one of the family heads. This interest, however, looks as though it may be to Arya’s detriment as it appears as though Littlefinger is baiting Arya to do exactly as he wishes.

Penultimately, Jon and company arrive at Eastwatch, where they instantly meet with Tormund to discuss their venture. His expected reluctance is met with another excellent turn of phrase when it comes to Dante and Cersei, calling them “the One with Dragons, or the One who F***s her Brother.”

Finally, before they leave, Tormund advises them of another group looking to go North, a group consisting of the Hound and the Brotherhood. After the ritual verbals that come with encounters such as this, the group decides to join forces for the greater good.

So, with only 2 episodes left, it looks like HBO is going to smash Season 7 beyond all expectation. Every episode has been eventful, insightful, and undeniably entertaining. It will take something monumentally stupid to ruin everything positive so far.

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