Second Union

Second Union


Season 7 of the highly anticipated Horror franchise: American Horror Story is roughly 2 weeks away, premiering on FX on Tuesday 5th September. Taking place during last year’s Presidential Election, the eerily titled “Cult” carries with it the usual brand of fear and fantasy, expertly combined to create something truly remarkable.

Apart from last season’s Roanoke “experience” AHS has prided itself on highly irreverent opening title sequences, sequences that managed to set the theme of the season to great effect. Earlier today, the shows official Twitter feed has given us the first look at what we can expect to make our skin crawl for the next 3 months

As you can see, the patriotic theme is very prevalent throughout this theme, with both candidates making surprising “cameos”, as well as the usual cast of creepy and disturbing imagery. The most unsettling thing for me is the music behind attached to. Combined with the more obvious theme is a mixed version of what I think is something resembling the American National Anthem. As a naive Brit, I may be wrong on this point, but I definitely got a Star Spangled Banner feel when listening to that

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