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MYSTIC COSMIC PATROL – Series Premiere Episode Now Available to Stream!

Los Angeles, Calif. – Only one team is brave enough to answer the call of the Great Cosmic Algorithm and defend Earth against the Evil Overlordess Rutina in “Mystic Cosmic Patrol,” a Super Sentai Tokusatsu parody which debuted August 24 on from Loners & Rebels Motion Pictures.

Watch the first 7-minute episode, “Potty Mouth – Part 1” here:

And then tune-in to the Kaiju-comedy web series every Thursday for more episodes.

“Mystic Cosmic Patrol,” an interstellar spoof with exciting Kaiju action, features a special blend of comedy, martial arts and Sci-fi adventure where spandex clad heroes fight ridiculous rubber monsters. The pilot episode features “Malcolm in the Middle” star Chris Masterson as Jack the Blue Patrolman, leading a team consisting of Leo the Red Patrolman (Tim Jo from Fox’s “Pitch”), Emily the Green Patrolman (Chelsea Tavares from Freeform’s “Unfabulous”), Carl the Pink Patrolman (Chris Candy), Candy the Yellow Patrolman (Laura Monaco) and Micky the Black Patrolman (Gavin Hignight). With the wisdom of Gorgon (Tim Russ of “Star Trek Voyager”) and their trusty Martini-Bot (John Kassir of “Tales from the Crypt”), only the Mystic Cosmic Patrol can put an end to Rutina’s devious plots to destroy Earth.

The series is created and written by Hignight (Nickelodeon’s “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”). Executive produced by Tom Meyer-Klipsch (Out of PrintBack in Time) and Hignight. Chris Wyatt (Napoleon Dynamite, Marvel’s “Ultimate Spider-Man”), Laura Monaco and Masterson are producers. Special effects makeup was developed by “Face Off: Allstars” Season 11 winner Cig Neutron.

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