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RECAP: The Big Bang Theory – “The Proposal Proposal”

After last season’s exciting cliffhanger, I couldn’t wait to pick up where we left off. The series recently celebrated its tenth anniversary, and it’s so hard to believe how far it’s come. For those who haven’t witnessed the events of Season 10’s finale: Ramona Nowitzki, a grad student that appeared in Season 2, returns while Amy is away at Princeton and shows feelings for Sheldon. After she kisses him, he hops the nearest plane to New Jersey and does what we’ve all been waiting for: he proposes to Amy.

Sheldon shares the news with Leonard and Penny before explaining how he got his blessing from Stephen Hawking and Amy’s father. Of course, Amy says yes, and the two are now engaged! I cannot wait to see where this road leads for these two and I’m glad that Dr. Cooper finally popped the question. They call multiple friends and relatives, including Sheldon’s mother, who, in a funny moment, tells Sheldon that God will be in her heart and will attend the wedding. However, Sheldon replies by saying that she can’t bring anyone else.

Over dinner with Amy’s colleagues, Sheldon is very rude and becomes annoyed that they are more impressed and exuberant with Amy’s work than they are with his. This was a very interesting scene because we are accustomed to Sheldon’s behavior but it serves as something new, considering him and Amy are now engaged. After talking to Stephen Hawking, however, Sheldon realizes that “Iron Man can fly through a Captain America movie and not get jealous that it’s not his movie”. Amy understands and the two lovebirds make up.

Raj comes to the comic book store and asks if Stuart has any engagement gifts, then gets real selfish and decides he won’t get anything because he is lonely and asks if Stuart has anything for his predicament. “Literally everything.” No offense, Raj, but you were a pretty bad boyfriend to both Emily and Claire.

Meanwhile, Howard informs Bernadette through a doorway that Amy and Sheldon are engaged, but Bernie’s having issues of her own. We find her staring at a pregnancy test, reading positive. She talks to Penny about it first, who is just as surprised, but the funniest reaction is Howard’s, who is definitely not over the disastrous results of Halley.

Back at the apartment, Leonard makes Penny a cake. She asks if it’s their anniversary, and he thinks. He doesn’t think so. It turns out it is, but she’s already dug her face into the cake. Happy anniversary!


The Big Bang Theory got off to a strong start this season. While I’m still not as invested in Raj’s character as I was in prior seasons, the other scenes are interesting and fun to watch. I’m going to give it an 8.5/10.

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