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RECAP: RIVERDALE – Season 2, Episode 3 “The Watcher in the Woods”

With tensions building and not enough information, watchers and Riverdale characters are in a blind panic about town events. Who’s behind all this? Who’s next? What dark, dirty secrets will be revealed about the town and its inhabitants that can never be covered up again?

Kevin runs through the forest, in a rush for a rendezvous. A gun goes off, interrupting his activity, and a scream is heard. Moose gets shot, and Midge escapes the killer. They both survive, and Archie visits Moose in the hospital. Moose doesn’t remember much, except that the killer’s eyes were green.

Betty confronts Kevin on his method of meeting guys, suggesting that he do it somewhere harder for him to get murdered. Veronica asks her dad if he’ll meet her friends, and he agrees to do that. Her mother advises her that not everything is as it seems with Hiram, but Veronica brushes her off. When her friends show up, Hiram plants an idea in Archie’s mind, telling him that the police aren’t always the solution.

Toni Topaz takes Jughead under her wing at the Southsider high school, bringing him up to speed on activities and rival gangs. Toni asks him if he’s a serpent, and even though he is, he says he’s a loner. Jughead tries to join the Southside newspaper club, and when Betty visits Jug, Toni interrupts them. Alice Cooper receives Fred’s wallet and Mrs. Grundy’s lolita sunglasses with a letter from the Black Hood.

Archie forms a vigilante group with the football team to combat the Black Hood, calling themselves the Red Circle. When Ethel calls for help from the Black Hood, the Red Circle come to her rescue. Betty and Cheryl team up to go after Kevin in the woods to keep him safe, and he opens up about how life is different for gay people in Riverdale. Kevin meets a man in a car one night in the woods and imagines getting stabbed, and leaves, realizing just how bad his situation could become. Betty told his dad, the Sheriff, about what he does at night, and they have a talk together.

Jughead gets beat one night on the Southside, possibly by a Ghoulie. Toni asks about his wounds, and he tells her it was just a bike accident. He joins the Serpents at lunch the next day. Hiram threatens Hermione before Archie comes over for dinner, demonstrating how powerful he truly is. Archie enters Hiram’s private study and has a glass of rum while Hiram tells him what the Red Circle should do. He also tells Archie he knows what he gets up to with Veronica. Polly Cooper leaves town in fear that she could be targeted next by the Black Hood.

Archie films a video with the Red Circle, with everyone except him in red masks obscuring their faces. He states that he’s ready to take down the Black Hood, which doesn’t go over well with many people in the town.

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