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RECAP: Star Trek: Discovery – “Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum”

As Star Trek: Discovery flies at warp speed towards its season finale, the misadventures of Captain Lorca, Michael Burnham, and the other remaining members of the USS Discovery finally appear to be leading towards something meaningful.

From its action-packed beginning, to its equally enticing conclusion, the aptly titled “Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum” (If you want peace, prepare for war) tries ever so hard to remind audiences that this is, in fact, a chapter within a Star Trek franchise, and that fantastical things are likely to happen whether we like it or not!

For the most part, we bare witness to Burnham and Tyler attempting to hijack a planet’s naturally occurring transmitter while Saru is pleasantly possessed by the harmonious organisms inhabiting it. Although nothing truly hostile occurs to prevent this incursion, the conflict between Saru’s rationale and his emotions causes great difficulty for the would-be lovers.

Away from Pahvo, the recently kidnapped Admiral Cornwell is interrogated by her Klingon captures to no avail. After numerous failed attempts, L’Rell (the recently scarred leader of the Klingon Prison in which Lorca and Tyler had spent time), offers her expertise in such field. Although at first, her intentions seem sincere, it becomes apparent that her desire is for something greater than merely torturing the poor Admiral.

After concocting an audacious escape plan, L’Rell and Cornwell are interrupted, resulting in the apparent death of Cornwell at her accomplice’s hand.

Finally, on the Discovery, an intriguing subplot involving Stamets and Tilly creates confusion as to the mental wellbeing of the Engineer after he addresses her as Captain, a slip of the tongue not lost on the sharp-witted Cadet. After some minor probing, we learn of Stamets’ apparent loss of bearing, as well as his difficulty to discuss such concerns with his partner Doctor Culber.

Overall, this was yet another triumphant episode in what is turning out to be a significantly triumphant season so far. The performances of Anthony Rapp, Sonequa Martin-Green, and Doug Jones signify a substantial shift from the typical cautious optimism to one of a more passivized form of annihilation. Their sense of impending doom inherits an uncomfortable feeling for the audience that will surely be understood once the Klingons and Federation come to blows in the not too distant future

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