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RECAP: Star Trek: Discovery – “Into The Forest I Go”

After 9 enthralling episodes, Star Trek: Discovery has unfortunately reached its mid-season break. With high stakes, high caliber action and highly captivating performances, “Into The Forest I Go” provides a fitting conclusion to what has so far been a resounding success.

After the unsettling end of last week’s episode, it would be easy to expect it to instantly become one for the memory banks.

From the outset, the impending threat of the Klingon “Ship of the Dead” provides ample opportunity for suspense and intrigue, however, combined with the added pressures of Burnham and Tyler leading a mission aboard the imposing vessel, the possibility of Stamets’ immediate destruction, and the potential destruction of the peaceful planet Pahvo, it is almost impossible to take a deep breath until the very last moment.

As has been evident throughout this season, the cost of war is greatly higher than just the occasional battle. Its effects span farther and wider than anyone can presume. From Tyler’s PTSD to the Klingon’s intended genocide of the Pahvan race, Discovery does not shy away from the issues most prevalent today.

The most enthralling sequence has to be the prolonged series of jumps experienced by Stamets in order to find the cloaked ship as Burnham simultaneously fights General Kor aboard it’s Bridge.

Miraculously, all parties concerned come away relatively unscathed, that is until Tyler relives the sexual tortures he was forced to endure at the hands of L’Rell. And Stamets, after agreeing to participate in one last jump, suffers a form of paralysis leaving both he and the Discovery in a place entirely unknown.

Overall, “Into The Forest I Go” was a wonderful end to this opening chapter of Star Trek lore. It’s pace, performance and precision answered just enough to remain satisfied while opening a door to an adventure I for one cannot wait to see.

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