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RECAP: RIVERDALE – Season 2, Episode 5 “When a Stranger Calls”

Riverdale is a small town, and it makes a person wonder how a serial killer has flown under the radar for so long. Going after victims for personal reasons will most likely lead to the Black Hood getting caught, especially among a small population.

The Black Hood warns Betty not to tell anyone about their correspondence on the phone. Archie is welcomed back to Riverdale High after posting an apology video, and Betty spills the beans to him about her call the night before. Jughead undergoes initiation into the Serpents to keep the gang in line and to protect Archie since F.P. is in jail.


The Black Hood makes a convincing argument that Betty should publish an incriminating article about her mother. If she does, she can ask him a question. Sheriff Keller determines that the two Black Hood letters were written by different people. Alice accuses Betty of writing the letter she received, and this pushes Betty over the edge to publish the article in the Blue and Gold. She asks the Black Hood if she would recognize his face, and he confirms this.

The Lodge family hosts an open house party for the SoDale investors, and Veronica crosses paths with an old friend, Nick St. Clair. He flirts with her, and she gets uncomfortable. Nick invites all Veronica’s friends (with the exception of Jughead) to his hotel room for an after-party. He rattles on about Gal Gadot and exposes the inside of his jacket, revealing packages of the drug known as jingle-jangle. Everyone except Betty takes the drug, pressured to fit in with Nick. Betty calls Veronica out for being a fake friend, as the Black Hood instructed her to do so earlier in the episode.

Nick makes unwanted advances towards Veronica, telling her if she doesn’t have intercourse with him he will sabotage their parents’ business deal. In response, she slaps him. The Black Hood orders Betty to break up with Jughead, which she clearly doesn’t want to do. She asks Archie if he’ll do it for her, which is significantly worse than doing it yourself. He breaks the news to Jug right before the Serpents arrive at his trailer and beat him.

Hal Cooper shows up at the SoDale contract party, ready to report on the event. Alice shows up to rival him after her latest disgrace, wearing an outfit straight out of a Taylor Swift music video. Nick apologizes to Veronica and drugs Cheryl, escorting her to his room. The Pussycats notice this and come to Cheryl’s rescue, beating the pulp out of the would-be rapist, Nick.

Jughead makes it through initiation into the Serpents and sports a fresh tattoo. He and Toni get together, which is understandable after Betty’s distant breakup. Betty gets another call from the Black Hood, instructing her to go to an old, abandoned house in the woods. Upon investigating the house, she finds a box with a black hood in it for herself. The Black Hood instructs her to put it on, telling her that they’re one and the same. She hears a creak in the house and bolts.

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