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Second Union

RECAP: RIVERDALE- Season 2, Episode 6: “Death Proof”

Betty accepts that she has a new friend that she can’t get rid of. With the overhanging dread of murder and death that drags down the mood of the show, Betty is handling the situation surprisingly well.

With a serial killer as a resource, Betty attempts to convince the Black Hood to annihilate Nick St. Clair. She runs to his room, finding him alive, to her dismay. The Black Hood tells her that he can’t kill him because he isn’t from Riverdale. Some code of ethics this guy has. Toni informs Jughead that she doesn’t want to be with him and would rather be with a girl. Could this be hinting at a relationship development with Toni later in the season?

Jughead violates the agreement he had with the editor of the Southside newspaper by getting involved with the Serpents. In his defense, he mentions that the rival gang, the Ghoulies, are the worse of two evils, bringing in drugs and violence to the town. Mayor McCoy sets a goal to clean up the town after learning that Josie and her friends did drugs at Nick’s. Sheriff Keller and she infiltrate Southside High with drug dogs to sniff out crime. Archie arrives in time to rescue Jughead from the conundrum.

Betty wants to leave the Black Hood behind after helping her sister Polly hide out, but she receives a new task from him. He wants her to uncover the identity of a drug distributor known as the Sugarman. If she doesn’t comply, he’ll likely end up taking another life. The Black Hood advises her to start with the next of kin of the Sugarman’s former supplier, Clifford Blossom. Cheryl informs Betty that her mother used to tell her and Jason a tale about the Sugarman, and if they were bad, the Sugarman would kidnap them.

Tall Boy, one of the higher-ups in Serpent hierarchy, wants Jughead to approve an alliance between the Serpents and the Ghoulies. He and Archie go to prison to seek advice from F.P. on what to do. He tells them to challenge the Ghoulies to a street race for the control of Southside High. These kids best have their learners’ permits.

Betty and Veronica meet at Pop’s to discuss the distance between them. Veronica understands and agrees to help her find the Sugarman. The two meet Reggie’s drug supplier, Verne, who runs when they ask him about the Sugarman. They chase after him and get caught by the Ghoulies. Jughead lists his wager to Ghoulie gang leader Malachi, who agrees only if the trailer park and the White Worm are included too. Betty prepares Reggie’s car for the race and pledges that she’ll explain her latest changes in behavior soon.


Cheryl bumps into Nick at Pop’s, where she tells him she’ll press charges. Unfortunately, the Blossoms and St. Clairs settled the crime out of court. Veronica confronts her parents on the SoDale deal, telling them she, too, was assaulted by Nick. Cheryl starts off the illegal drag race by manning the flag. Jughead aims the car in the direction of a small bridge, far too small for both the Serpent’s and Ghoulie’s cars to get across safely. Archie yanks the gear shift to the anger of Jughead, but finds out the Ghoulies up ahead were caught by the police. Archie lets Jug know he called the authorities before the race.

Hermione tells her family that the St. Clairs were involved in a near-fatal car crash. Perfect timing. Cheryl makes a deal with her mother: her hush money for the truth about the Sugarman. Her mother tells her that the role of the Sugarman changes, but that the current leader is the editor of Southside High’s newspaper. Betty notifies the Sheriff about the Sugarman but doesn’t tell the Black Hood. Not the brightest move for the situation, but a bold move nonetheless. Betty lays next to Jughead and the Black Hood shoots the Sugarman in his cell.

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