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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp REVIEW

Nintendo’s latest mobile game, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, was released on November 22nd. Though this is only Nintendo’s second foray into games for Android/iOS devices, it’s an absolute delight to play. Your character completes tasks and excursions for other animals in the game and grows bonds with NPCs. As you level up, more characters are available to befriend. Whether you be a cute, cool, natural or sporty soul, this game is suitable for all ages and tastes.

Starting off, you have the chance to hit it off with Apollo, Jay, Goldie, Rosie, and Filbert. As you level up, more characters will be available to welcome you. If your bond with an animal gets to the next level, you are rewarded with gifts to use later on in the game. The game has kept its original Animal Crossing style, and the simplistic features of the game make it easy to navigate and enjoy.

The decorations in the game are appealing and customizable, and with each new level that is reached, you can purchase more decor to make your abode truly unique. You can also add friends from real life or the internet with an ID from the game. This can help you out if you need to buy goods or get into Shovelstrike Quarry.

Each area of the map has a quality unique to that location. Saltwater Shores has shells and sea creatures, while Lost Lure Creek has fruits and river fish. Breezy Hollow is an orchard and recreational area, while Sunburst Island yields bugs and a tropical atmosphere. You can decorate your camper at OK Motors or buy clothing at Market Place. Animals move around the map every once in awhile, and the vendors at Market Place change quickly.

This game is a nice escape from the hectic humdrum of Thanksgiving and Black Friday. If you need in-game assistance, don’t hesitate to speak to Isabella at Market Place or consult google.

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