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Santa’s sleigh has dropped off a big sack of toys over at Figures Toy Company! FTC promised a large variety of items in stock this month, and they didn’t disappoint! New figures from Scooby-Doo, Super Friends, and Batman Classic TV Series are now available to order at along with a few surprises! Here’s what you’ll find up on their site right now:

From the popular Super Friends series, a few of your favorite DC Comics villains are making their first appearance in the line. Gorilla Grodd, Black Manta, and Solomon Grundy, all based on their animated appearances, are in stock and ready to square off against the Super Friends!

If you’re looking for canines and creeps, then Scooby-Doo Series 2 is for you! The debut figures for Velma and Scooby-Doo (available in both standard and scared versions) round out Mystery, Inc., while Scooby-Dum is also here to lend a hand. Of course, you can’t have Mystery, Inc. without the mystery, so a few new ghouls have followed them to FTC! Headless Horseman, Charlie The Funland Robot, and a Phantom Shadows 2 pack will help collectors scare up some fun!

Perhaps no figures were more anticipated this year than the Eartha Kitt and Julie Newmar Catwoman figures, and they’re finally here, to the delight of all the Bat-fans worldwide! Alfred’s Cousin Egbert and Alfred as Batman round out the latest lineup of Batman Classic TV Series figures.

All of those items were expected to arrive at FTC, so there should be no surprises there…but FTC DID promise a few figures that they kept quiet about. Read below for several surprise figures that fans didn’t expect to see this December!

The holidays will be rockin’ with the 12-inch retro figure releases of KISS that are based on the classic Destroyer album! FTC has previously released the band in their Destroyer era costumes in the standard 8-inch size, and many members of the KISS Army were hopeful that a 12-inch set would be released. They’ve gotten their Christmas wish, as all four members of KISS are available to order now!

12-inch KISS figures

As if Catwoman figures weren’t cool enough, a few new variants from the Batman Classic TV Series lineup showed up at FTC’s door. The Clown Prince of Crime always got creative when cornering the Caped Crusader, and these Joker variants pay homage to a couple of classic episodes! Joker as The Masked Maharaja and a Joker Goes To School variant will put a sinister spin on your holiday season!


One hero that’s gained a lot of popularity in recent years thanks to her own TV series is Supergirl, and FTC has brought the Mego style version of her back! This version features Supergirl in a cloth print suit and will be packaged a Mego-like card.


A new addition to the Teen Titans line of figures makes her first appearance at FTC. Betty Kane, the original Bat-Girl, will look great standing alongside Robin and the rest of the Teen Titans once you add her to your collection!

Betty Kane, the original Bat-Girl

Aside from all those retro figure releases, you can also fill your wrestling ring up with an assortment of names from the past and present! Hanson and Nigel McGuinness join the Ring of Honor figure roster, Jerry Lynn gets his first modern style figure in FTC’s Legends series, and popular stars Chuck Taylor, Brian Cage, Rocky Romero, Bull James, and Chris Hero are the latest to be released in the Rising Stars of Wrestling!


FTC has certainly done their part to deliver a lot of goods this holiday season, and what better way to end the year than by adding some of their amazing products to your collection. Visit to order, and look for more updates on all of FTC’s lines here at Second Union!

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