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FILMS TO MAKE YOU FESTIVE: The Santa Clause (1994)

Welcome to Second Union’sFilms To Make You Festive“. For the majority of December, Second Union will be talking about our favorite “festive films” in an attempt to get our readers ready for the holiday season. Expect action, adventure and all the nostalgia a Christmas period can possibly produce!

Happy Christmas Eve, Eve everyone! That’s right, there are less than 48 hours until that jolly fat man comes down your chimney to unload those gifts you’ve so dearly sought. If for some reason, you’re not yet feeling the spirit, I wholly prescribe an adventure with Tim Allen to the North Pole in Disney’s “The Santa Clause”.

In my humble opinion, “The Santa Clause” is the quintessential Christmas film of the last 25 years. It’s premise, although bonkers, is a simple representation of what Christmas is like for a family weighed down with unfathomable adversity. Tim Allen plays a divorced, father of one, Scott Calvin. On Christmas Eve, after dramatically failing at being the perfect parent, Scott and his son Charlie accidentally cause a man dressed as Santa to fall from their rooftop. After he mysteriously disappears, the two embark on a journey towards eventually replacing the big man and becoming the brand new St Nick himself.

As this is as much of a Christmas Film as you can imagine, “The Santa Clause” certainly contains moments worthy of rolling your eyes at, but come on, whether it’s Allen’s typical stiff-turned-softie routine from the era, or the close to the bone humour from the Elves, you can’t deny the unbridled fun experienced from beginning to end.

Festive films really don’t come more festive than this. It is a Christmas Day must watch in our house, and will be for many years to come. You’ll laugh, you’ll cheer, you probably won’t cry, but you’ll definitely feel a kick in the gut on at least one occasion. If you only watch one film today, why not find “The Santa Clause” pour some Hot Cocoa and let Christmas fill you the right way.


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