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Second Union

RECAP: Star Trek: Discovery – “The Wolf Inside”

After the sensational curtain raiser of last week, it would have been understandably difficult to maintain the pace as weeks go by. Although not quite hitting the heights of last week, The Wolf Inside instead began to construct the structure in which this entire second run will reside.

As we know, Ash Tyler appears to have been activated by his former captor L’Rell, in so causing him to brutally murder the dear Doctor Culber. This week’s episode shows us the immediate aftermath to this, and the fallout the coincides with it. An episode high on the message of “consequences”, The Wolf Inside traverses a path riddled with guilt, remorse, and resentment towards the characters’ past.

Clearly troubled by the world she is currently inhabiting, Burnham, is introduced as morosely contemplating the situation, a contemplation interrupted by an enslaved, and at this point nameless, Saru. What transpires is the realization by both Burnham and Tyler of the harrowing future they must face together. Their realization of their individual need for the other compels them to spend another lurid night together.

Before the opening titles roll, the plot of the episode is kicked into gear with a heartfelt message from her version of Saru, and an order from the Emperor to assassinate the long sought after rebels.

The bulk of this episode is a meandering combination of mystery and confusion. Tilly’s attempt to aid Stamets has honest intentions, however, it’s execution seems too haphazardly convenient and more of an excuse to further the mysteriously Network in which his brain appears to now reside.

Burnham and Tyler’s mission to the surface is too a simple device to ground her perception of morality it is unfortunately clouded by the rushed reveal of Tyler as the reanimated/resurrected/reinvented version of the opening episode’s Torchbearer, Voq. Although his inevitable comeuppance does raise a wry smile, it feels as though this could have been held back a bit longer to increase the allure.

Here’s a quick peek at next week’s episode – 

Overall, this was an episode necessary to develop an ever-intriguing story. With questions still being raised as to the motives of key crew members, most particularly Lorca and why he doesn’t want to leave just yet, as well as the freedom to pursue avenues not tethered to the overall Star Trek universe, The Wolf Inside makes for enjoyable, if not slightly forgettable viewing.

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