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More New Releases from FIGURES TOY COMPANY

Some of your favorite DC Comics characters have been sealed in 70’s style packaging!  A classic Hanna Barbera cartoon character has been granted an early release!  Who’s responsible for all this calamity in the collector’s world?  Who else but Figures Toy Company!

The beloved toy company, known for its old-school style offerings regarding some of the most legendary characters in comics, film, and television, have really gone retro with their latest offerings.  23 DC Comics characters, including members of the Shazam! family, supporting characters like Jimmy Olsen and Commissioner Gordon, and modern favorites like Cyborg, are all now available in Mego-like window display boxes.  These packages, beloved by collectors of the original Megos, give FTC’s retro offerings a true vintage feel, and will certainly invoke memories of the good old days in older collectors.  All 23 are available now at with a retail price of $26.99.

If that’s not enough nostalgia for you, Figures Toy Company also has something new to offer its legions of fans.  Last year FTC revealed that a Dynomutt series was being planned as part under their Hanna Barbera license, and showed off several figures from the line.  Collectors around the globe were given a glimpse at Dynomutt, Blue Falcon, and Falcon’s secret identity Radley Crown, and have since been anticipating the day that they could add them to their collections.  Well, that day has come, as FTC has given Radley Crown an “Early Bird Release”!  The millionaire behind Blue Falcon’s mask is in stock and shipping now, with the rest of the Dynomutt assortment set to join him later in 2018.

With so much depth in the worlds of DC Comics and Hanna Barbera, Figures Toy Company already has a catalog to satisfy any collector.  In addition, retro figures for KISS, The Three Stooges, The Monkees, and even Stan Lee himself have helped to elevate FTC as a go-to for some of the most fantastic looking figures on the market.  Visit to see for yourself, and look for Second Union to keep you up to speed on all the latest news regarding Figures Toy Company releases!

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