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FTC Releases THREE STOOGES “Dizzy Detectives”

They’re here to protect and serve up laughs! Drawing inspiration from the beloved Three Stooges short “Dizzy Detectives”, Figures Toy Company has just released a new wave of Stooges figures dressed in police uniforms!

Moe, Larry, and Curly made for some hilarious law enforcers when they joined the police force in “Dizzy Detectives”, and had us all doubled over with laughter as they came up against a gang of crooks and their giant gorilla! Now you can create new laughs with these new figures of the famous knuckleheads. There’s even a bonus Shemp version included in the new lineup, because even though he was not a part of the act at the time of the film’s release, who wouldn’t want Shemp to enjoy another madcap adventure with the boys?

The Dizzy Detectives variants of The Three Stooges are available now at for your eye-poking pleasure! FTC “soitenly” knows what Stooges fans like to see, and this wave of retro figures is a fitting tribute to one of the most hysterical comedies that the trio ever starred in. There are also plenty of other Three Stooges figures that could land a starring role in your collection, along with plenty of retro style offerings from DC Comics, KISS, Hanna Barbera, and much more! If pop culture collectibles are your thing, then FTC is the company you should keep an eye on, as there is a lot to choose from and even more on the way! Second Union always has the latest FTC information, so if you want to see what else is in store, keep checking back for future updates on all of their product lines!

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